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How to Get a Will in Victoria | Testart Family Lawyers

Making a will is something that many of us have never really thought about, but it is in fact something which is worth your consideration. If you speak to any family lawyer they will tell you just how important it is that regardless of your age, that you should put your affairs in order just in case the unthinkable were to happen. If you do not have a will then your estate will either be passed on to your spouse, or go directly to your parents or kids. This may not be a bad thing of course, but in some cases it simply isn’t what people want.

Wills can change based on the state so if you are in Victoria and you need a will lawyer Melbourne is the place you should be looking. Here are the steps you should take if you do need to make a will.

Basics About Wills

Basically a will is a legal document which tells people what you want to happen to your estate after you pass away. This is a tough thing to think about of course, but it is of course something which comes to us all. The purpose of a will is to ensure that your family are taken care of after you pass, that your assets go to exactly who you choose, and it also makes sure that your estate is settled quickly. This last bit is important because it is arduous to go through the settling of an estate after losing a loved one. Anyone over the age of 18 can make a will.

Costs of Making a Will

There are some costs which are involved in making a will, but a lot of it depends on how you go about it. For example if you decide upon Consultative Will writing (State Trustees as sole executor) you will be looking at a cost of $200 if you are under 60 and $97 if you are over. If you prefer to select an executor then you will be looking at a cost of around $330. There are lower cost options online which you can take, but be sure that you have researched well before you pay any money.

Requirements For Making A Will

As long as you are over 18 years old, you simply need to be of sound mind and have a clear understanding of what a will is. The only time that you may need to think about changing your will is if you get married, if you have a child, if you are selling a home or business or if something has occurred and you wish to remove a beneficiary from your will.

The reality is that making a will really doesn’t take much time or effort at all, and it can give you great peace of mind that your family and loved ones are taken care of in the event of your passing. There is no good or bad time to make a will, but it is certainly something which everyone should be thinking about. Any more questions which you have, pleased don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comments section below this post.


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