How to judge a good malpractice attorney?

Medical malpractice cases are the hardest to handle as you will need solid evidence to prove the defendant’s fault. Any and every personal injury lawyer can not handle cases dealing with medical malpractice. It would be best if you are looking for a top law firm to deal with such cases. Some of the law firms have lawyers who are licensed doctors too. The fact is evident that a lawyer with an academic background in studying medicine will be a gift sent from heaven to you. But getting one of them is not easy, and they also charge a lot. However, there are numerous medical malpractice lawyers with an excellent track record in winning cases related to medical malpractice. Here is how you can judge a skillful malpractice attorney.


As said earlier, not any personal injury attorney will help you. It would be best if you got in touch with the one who has extensive years of successful practice in medical malpractice. You will come to terms with a malpractice lawyer who only defends the physician, and they will not serve you. Find the one who is representing the victims. 

Medical witness

Doesn’t matter how knowledgeable your lawyer is; in all probability, the judge and the jury will not have that much knowledge. A good law firm or an individual attorney will not take your case if they can not get hold of an expert who can testify about the negligence of the medical professionals. 

No win, no pay

Settle for the lawyers who accept fees on contingency. They will not take any fee if you do not win the case. It would be easier for you if your lawyer followed this fee structure, as taking down a doctor can be expensive. The doctors or the medical institution have vast resources of insurance companies, legal terms, and money. The lawyer working on contingency will pay for your legal expenses and take them back when you win the case.

Zeal for the profession

Select an attorney who has excellent mannerisms and a positive aura. The people who are compassionate for their work are likely to serve you at their best. But besides compassion, you must also look for someone who has a history of winning litigations. Most cases are settled outside the courtroom, but those going to the courtroom will need aggressive representation. 


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