Tips for determining whether or not it is time to replace your attorney

The absence of effective communication is frequently the initial stage in the process. Unanswered phone calls and months of silence regarding your case are standard practice. You might find your lawyer’s material strewn across the floor, and he or she might not be able to recall the intricacies of your case from one visit to the next.

A Failed Attorney-Client Relationship Has the Following Symptoms:

You should consult with your attorney if you see any of the warning signs listed below by Hensley Legal Group Indiana.

More than 48 hours pass between when you call a lawyer and when he or she responds to your phone calls (provided you have been mindful of the lawyer’s time and have not called on weekends or major holidays).

It is a waste of time to request documents or paperwork that you have previously completed yourself. A qualified attorney, on the other hand, will maintain orderly files and be able to retrieve all of your case’s documentation in a single area, even if mistakes are made.

Your attorney routinely demands extensions of time from the court without offering a genuine basis for doing so (and without it serving your best interests).

You may receive notice from the court or another party that a deadline has passed or that your case is on the verge of being dismissed due to inactivity.

Even when you’ve been promised documents, they haven’t always been ready when you’ve expected them to. Even if it is natural to have an emergency every now and then, there may be something wrong if this is happening all the time.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to express your concerns if you have observed any of these issues in your relationship with your lawyer.

Obtaining a Second Opinion is a good idea.

Identifying whether the problem is with your attorney or something more widespread, such as a sluggish court system or a lack of cooperation from third parties, may be challenging. It is recommended that you have your case examined by another attorney. Make certain that you bring the entire file.

Verify the lawyer’s eligibility to practice law in your state by calling the state bar association.

This is an ideal opportunity to double-check with your state’s bar organization to ensure that you hired an attorney who has a good reputation in your state before hiring them. Even if your attorney is currently in good standing, any previous suspensions or disciplinary measures due to issues such as substance abuse or misuse of client funds should cause you to take a moment to think.

Having a conversation with your attorney about the issues

It’s possible that terminating your lawyer isn’t the wisest course of action at this point. Instead, consider bringing up your concerns in a calm, polite, and professional manner to get your point across. If you want to communicate your thoughts in writing, you can send a letter or an email to the attorney. If you’d prefer to chat with someone in person, schedule an appointment.


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