What Is SEO?


You might have heard the term online all the time, but most people have no idea what it is. In short, SEO means search engine optimization, and marketing agencies such as Rocket Pilots use it to improve your visibility online. Essentially, when you search for something on Google or Bing, agencies want their product to be at the top, and that’s where SEO comes in. But let’s find out everything you need to know about it!

How Does It Work?

Search engines are designed to look for specific words on the web and give you an index of the sites where you might find the information relating to your search. They’re like a giant library, and Google is the brilliant librarian who knows exactly where everything is. This tool has changed our lives in many ways, but there are nuances to it. The algorithms of search engines analyze the website based on several factors to determine if they are relevant to your search.

You might wonder why some pages appear at the top and why others appear later. It might not necessarily mean that the first website can answer all your questions. In fact, it could be due more to SEO than anything else, which leads to more clicks and that’s how most of these sites earn money.

Unlike paid ads, companies can’t pay search engines to generate more clicks, and SEO is the only way to ensure that your site appears at the top and is the most clickable by users. That’s why most teams have an SEO expert on their payroll.

SEO factors are divided into certain categories and important matters such as content quality and keyword research, which are vital for optimization. However, SEO methods change all the time as search engines become more sophisticated. The tricks and shortcuts people used to take years ago no longer work today as Google can flag your site.

Why is SEO Vital for Marketing?

As you can imagine, SEO is immensely significant in the world of digital marketing because people are always looking up things online no matter what search engine they use. Companies want their products on the front page, and the competition is tricky.

Most of the traffic on many websites comes primarily from searches, and greater visibility and appearing on top can ensure that you have an advantage over the competition.

However, search results nowadays have been perfected so much over the last ten years to give users more direct answers. Essentially, search engines don’t want their users wasting time trying to find what they want. The first links are usually the only ones people will click, and that’s vital to marketing.

The only way to organically market your products online these days is through SEO or ads, but most people hate seeing ads. Therefore, SEO is the better option as users are not forced to click anything. They are just given the best options possible, and the only way to determine that is through search engine optimization.

SEO is not hard to understand, but there are nuances to the practice that most people don’t know. Additionally, it’s updated often, and you must stay on top to ensure that your agency or company is always the most visible. Rocket Pilots can help you achieve this goal and keep you on the front page.


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