When Is An Appeal, And When Do You Require An Appeal Lawyer?

Often, what happens is that the lower-level court gives the decision regarding any case. In that case, the losing party might not be satisfied with the court’s decision and can approach a higher court to look into the matter and review the lower court’s decision. This is an appeal made by the defeating party to the high court.

You require an appeal lawyer to represent you after doing all the required research about the matter. The appeal lawyer is the one who can convince the higher court why the decision is not correct and why it should be reversed. Your appeal lawyer will review everything which was on record. If you live in Florida, there are many Litigation Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale.

Now that is one side of the coin, and you might wonder that if you win the case, you would not require an appeal lawyer, which is not valid. If the losing party files an appeal with the high court regarding looking into the matter again, if you are the winning, you will have to hire an appellate lawyer who would represent you by stating why the decision was made in your favor was correct.

Your appeal lawyer would make sure to prove that the lower court’s decision was correct based on evidence provided to it. There are a lot of Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale, where they have a network of highly experienced appeal lawyers.

There are also appeals made in case of criminal and civil cases. In case of family matters also, an appeal lawyer is hired. For example, in the case of divorces, the child’s custody stays with one parent or division of property.

Where there is a contractual dispute, like between a supplier and customers, there is a dispute between neighbors about their boundary, or a conflict between business partners- in that case. Also, you can file an appeal with a higher authority.

There is a Trial, and there is an appeal. They are both two different concepts that are confused with each other many times.

·      In Case Of Trials

Both the parties are present, with the presence of a jury as well. The parties show the evidence and relevant documents. A judge is present in the trial room whose decision is final. There are two types of trials named- A bench trial and a jury trial.

·      In Case Of Appeal

The Appeal is more about reviewing the trial court’s application. Unlike in trials, there is no jury present, and since it is an appeal, there is more than one judge present. So the judges collectively see all the documents and evidence by both parties.

If you are a business organization in search of hiring any such lawyer, you can easily find them at Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale.


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