Which Area in America Has the Highest Amount of Car Accidents

If you are considering a move to a different state or part of the country, you may have already considered things like job options, neighborhoods, school districts, cost-of-living, and the overall culture of the area. However, one thing you may not have considered is the amount of car accidents that take place there.

If you plan on relying on driving for your main form of transportation, this information on which areas of the country have the highest number of car accidents will definitely help you make a decision. 

Based on data related to the number of car accidents and number of fatalities due to car accidents of the past few years, there are a few states that stand out, and some conclusions that may be able to be drawn from that. Here are the areas in American that have the highest amount of car accidents:


Texas has a significant number of car accidents each year, but related to this is the number of fatalities due to car accidents. The number of fatalities is actually higher than the number of accidents, which may be a factor in your choice of whether or not to move to this state.


Similar to Texas, California has a significant number of car accidents on record each year and a higher number of fatalities due to car accidents. Again, this information may sway your decision to move to California.

The Carolinas

Both North and South Carolina are standouts when it comes to the number of car accidents. South Carolina in particular has a higher than average number of drivers with an at-fault accident on their record, as well as a higher than national average number of traffic fatalities per mile traveled. North Carolina is similar, although not quite as bad, as South Carolina.

Florida and Georgia

These neighboring states also have higher than average numbers of traffic accidents and fatalities. Georgia drivers have an at-fault accident rate that is much higher than the national average, similar to South Carolina, making these states risky when it comes to driving.Florida also has a significant number of accidents and related fatalities.

Some notable things based on the states with the highest number of traffic accidents and fatalities can help draw conclusions. California and Texas are both larger states with bigger populations, which seems to make a car accident more likely, based on the larger number of cars on the road.

Based on geography, many of the states with the highest number of car accidents and fatalities are in the south, which seems to indicate that this is the area of the country with the highest amount of car accidents.

If you find yourself passing through or moving to one of these states (or any state really), and you find yourself in a car accident, be sure to contact a car accident lawyer who can help you navigate insurance and settlements if needed. Moreover, irrespective of your place of residence, it is imperative to prioritize the regular inspection and replacement of crucial components such as BMW oil cooler parts to minimize the potential risk of car accidents resulting from mechanical failures. This proactive approach ensures the proper maintenance and optimal functionality of your vehicle. You can also stick to a state with less accidents, or even use public transportation if you are worried about car accidents.


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