New York Car Crash Statistics

New York is a major US city and as such there is often a huge number of cars using the roads. As you can well imagine, the more cars that there are, the more chance there is of an accident taking place, and today we are going to share some of those statistics with you. In the city center there is slow moving traffic which often results in minor bumps and collisions. Once the road opens up however there can be more severe accidents and you only need to ask a NY car accident lawyer to tell you just how bad some of those resulting injuries can be. Let’s take a look then at some of the stats around accidents from this busy city.


Over the last 10 years there have been, on average, 292 deaths each year which were caused because of a road traffic collision. This can also be looked at as 1.6 New Yorkers for every 100,000. Bear in mind that some of these deaths have also been pedestrians who have been involved in an accident with a motor vehicle.

Total Collisions

There are of course many collisions which happen each year that are not reported, but in terms of what is reported, last year saw 246,768 collision on the streets of New York City. This figure takes into account all collisions involving motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Breaking this down by day, it means that there were 676 collision on average, each day.

By Borough

Here is how the percentage breakdown of these collisions goes, based on which borough they occurred in. Queens had 29,.5% of the collisions, Brooklyn 28.8%, there were 20% in Manhattan, 16.1% in the Bronx and just 5.7% on Staten Island. It makes sense of course that Staten Island would be the lowest, given that it has much lower levels of heavy traffic throughout the day.

Resulting in Injury

The figures show that almost one in every five collisions resulted in an injury. In total there were 44,325 collisions which resulted in injury, and here is how it is broken down by borough.

  • Brooklyn: 14,112 traffic accident injuries (31.9%)
  • Queens: 13,482 traffic accident injuries (30.4%)
  • Bronx: 7,601 traffic accident injuries (17.2%)
  • Manhattan: 6,896 traffic accident injuries (15.5%)
  • Staten Island: 6,896 traffic accident injuries (5.1%)

Timing of Accidents

Reading through the crash data from New York City, we can see that the busiest month for crashes is May and June, closely followed by October. February on the other hand is the month which accounted for the least collisions last year. Weather factors could certainly be a consideration here, as to why some months result in more accidents than others.

And finally last year we saw 6,324 bicycle accidents, which is a worrying number. This is certainly something which local government are concerned about, and it is why there is such a push for the construction of more bicycle lanes in the city.


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