Where Do Most Accidents Occur in Tampa?

The streets and highways that serve Hillsborough County became deadlier and more accident-prone in 2021. Most of these streets and highways are in the Tampa area and have been considered the most accident-prone and deadliest since 2017. These include:

  1. Mango Road/CR579 – MLK Blvd. to US 92 
  2. 78th Street – Causeway Blvd. to Palm River Road 
  3. Gibsonton Drive – I-75 to Balm Riverview Road 
  4. 15th Street – Fowler Ave. to Fletcher Ave.
  5. Bruce B Downs Blvd. (BBD) – Fowler Ave. to Bearss Ave.
  6. Sheldon Road – Hillsborough Ave. to Waters Ave. 
  7. Lynn Turner Road – Gunn Highway to Ehrlich Road 
  8. Fletcher Avenue – Armenia Ave. to Nebraska Ave.

According to the Hillsborough Vision Zero Study, there are various common causes of severe injuries and deaths on Tampa roadways. Factors that cause or contribute to deaths and severe collisions include, among others, unsafe driving behaviors, like speeding, distracted driving, biking, or walking, impaired driving, and aggressive driving. 

Speeding is still a massive problem and continues to be one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths in Tampa traffic accidents.

How Speeding Cause Injuries and Deaths

Faster speeds significantly increase the risk of fatal crashes and catastrophic injuries. For instance, the likelihood of a person walking or biking on the street being killed by a car traveling at 20 mph is about 5%. But this likelihood increases to 80% if the car was traveling at 40 mph. 

Put simply, as the speed of a vehicle increases, so does the likelihood of a crash resulting in severe injuries or deaths. Faster speeds raise both the braking distance and reaction time needed to come to a full stop safely. If a crash involving a vulnerable road user occurs, the difference of speeds between the involved people increases the risk of the vulnerable user getting severely injured or killed.  

Recovering Compensation for a Tampa Accident

Regardless of whether you have PIP insurance coverage, your policy limit may not be enough to cover the injuries and related losses you suffered in a traffic accident. But you have the right to hold the party that caused the crash liable for your damages. 

Unfortunately, the at-fault party’s insurance provider will not make it easy for you to recover the compensation you’re entitled to. Their insurance claims adjuster will try every trick in the book to downplay your injuries and losses, reduce your compensation, get you to accept an unfair settlement amount, or deny your injury claim altogether. 

To get the maximum compensation you deserve, you need legal guidance from a skilled Tampa personal injury attorney who will advocate for you and deal with the insurance provider.

Talk to a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Now

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