What are the Factors that Affect Child Custody During a Divorce?

Child custody during a divorce is one of the most important issues in any divorce case. The factors that go into custody are many, and they affect both parents, as well as the child. If you want to ensure that you get the custody of your child, then it is essential to hire an experienced Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

Before that, if you are wondering what might affect while determining child custody during a divorce, below are the main factors.

  • Child’s age and physical well being

A child’s age has an effect on what type of custody he or she will receive. A mature child is more likely to get equal time with both parents. On the other hand, a young child can be given more attention by one parent and less attention from the other parent.

  • Child’s desires

The child’s desires can also impact what will happen during a custody case. It may be that the court orders that the parents should both make decisions for the child’s benefit, or it can be that one parent makes decisions for the kid and another parent is not allowed to participate in any decisions at all.

  • Parental behavior during separation 

Parental behavioral issues can cause problems during child custody cases. For example, if the child has been exposed to violent behavior or drug use by one parent, then that parent may become a danger to the child. This can be a reason why the court will determine it necessary to award custody to another parent.

  • Parental income or employment status

If one parent can give the child a better lifestyle than the other, then that parent has an advantage when it comes to custody. One judge’s decision was based on the fact that one parent was a stay-at-home mom, and therefore she would have more time for the kid and deserves to get primary custody. 

  • Child’s relationship with each parent 

Everlasting love shared between the parents and their children will help the parents to get through any difficulties, and therefore help them to win custody. The same thing applies to things like emotional instability or drug abuse. If you think that one parent has emotional instability, then it is better if you can arrange a separation agreement between the two of you before getting a divorce, so that you can ensure your child’s welfare.


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