What if I Do Not Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

A motorcycle accident can leave the victims with severe physical injuries that can take months to recover. These injuries can result in hefty medical bills, and due to injury, the victim may miss their work, eventually affecting the victim’s income. All this can bring the victim under tremendous financial burden. Therefore, you may consider filing a motorcycle claim against the at-fault person. 

When your accident happened due to someone else’s carelessness, you are eligible to seek compensation for your injuries. However, many victims fear whether they will get compensation or speak to Sherman Oaks motorcycle accident lawyers

Can you file a claim without a lawyer?

Absolutely. You can file a claim without a lawyer. According to the law, the victims are not obligated to hire a lawyer. However, not having a presence of an experienced lawyer will do more harm than good for your claim. You can proceed ahead solely to file a claim if you have all the knowledge about the legality. However, the insurance company will use this as an advantage and try to reduce your compensation. 

Hiring a lawyer will help you get maximum compensation. 

Lawyers are trained to negotiate with the insurance company and help you get maximum compensation. If you fail to collect evidence, a lawyer can work with other professionals to gather evidence against the at-fault party and help file the claim. 

Additionally, when the insurance company tries to lure you into their tactics, the lawyer will pull you out of their trap and ensure your rights are not violated. Furthermore, the insurance company will roll out a settlement offer to settle your claim. Usually, the initial settlement offer is low. So, in such a case, the lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company to get the best compensation. 

Lastly, if you and the insurance company cannot mutually agree on negotiations, your case may go to trial. During the trial, you need an experienced and confident lawyer who can represent your case before the judge. The better your lawyer is, the higher your chances of getting the maximum compensation. 

Make sure you speak to a lawyer after your accident. 

Irrespective of whether you are filing a claim with your insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance company, it is crucial to have a motorcycle accident lawyer by your side. If you proceed ahead without a lawyer, there are chances you may end up with less settlement amount. 


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