What Uber Drivers Should Know About Uber Accidents

It is always important to be cautious while on the road. Road caution should not be limited to drivers only but also pedestrians. Besides, it would help if you were responsible for your safety. However, sometimes Uber drivers may cause or become accident victims unintentionally. With this said, you might be wondering, does Uber have Insurance? Uber provides 24/7 insurance coverage to all its riders. Continue reading this article to familiarize yourself with personal injury law and the potential causes of Uber accidents.

Personal Injury Law

This law is also known as tort law. Personal Injury Law protects you if you get injured by another person’s actions. Again, the law is your property if another person damages them. This law states that the person who causes damage or injury should compensate you for the loss suffered. Therefore, this law can protect you if you get involved in a car accident injury. The main claims for personal injury include dismemberment, death, permanent damage, and loss of bodily function. Personal injury may result from the following:

  • Intentional wrongs. Intentional wrongs occur when you get hit by another driver on purpose. This may result from small wrangles on-road or intimidation where another driver wants to show you that you are inferior. If you become a victim of this wrong, you can seek help from an Uber accident lawyer on how to get compensated.
  • Negligence. Injury from negligence occurs when a driver fails to exercise care while on the road. 

Causes of Uber Accidents


Speeding is one of the most common reasons for Uber accidents. Uber riders tend to speed from one pick-up point to the other to increase their income. You should know that speeding is threatening because it raises the likelihood of not just an accident but also damage.

Disturbed Riding

Disturbed riding stands out as the leading reason of Uber road accidents. This occurs because of the nature of this job. Uber riders must keep up with the Uber application to know the residence and destination of their passengers. Similarly, these riders use the application to know which payment method their customers choose. Also, the drivers may need to refer to the application for maps and directions to various destinations. Finally, some customers may engage the riders with exciting conversations, leading to divided attention on car accidents.

 Careless pick-up and parking sites

Uber riders often expect their customers to be ready, thus quick and easy pick-up. Therefore, these riders usually do not find a safe parking spot, which may lead to accidents.

Using Unfamiliar Roads

Since Uber Rides are not restricted to one route, drivers may find themselves on unfamiliar roads. Failure to know the routes well raises the tendency of getting into ditches, bumps and missing sharp corners thus higher chances of accidents occuring.

Rider Exhaustion

Rider fatigue is equally risky as riding when drunk. Various Uber riders operate this business as their part-time job, meaning that they are primarily tired from their previous job. Also, most Uber trips occur at night or in the morning, which is when most drivers feel exhausted. Fatigue may lead to sleeping while driving, thus causing accidents. 

In summary, it is everyone’s responsibility to remain cautious while using the roads. Personal injury law protects victims who get injured from other people’s actions. 



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